What are your morning plans?

What are your morning plans?

One of our favourite activities is to visit one of the most popular spots in our beautiful Mother City, Muizenberg Beach. 

Here are some ways to make the most of your day at Muizies.

 1. Hang Out At The Beach

Take a stroll on the beach, feel the sand beneath your toes, and allow your mind to be revived by paying witness to the beauty of nature. Catch the sunrise or stay till late afternoon for a breathtaking exit from the sun. 

2. Go Wild

If you’re keen for some adventure, slip on your wetsuit and embrace the waves as they wash away any anxiety and heaviness from the past week. Newbies, why not sign up for lessons at Surf Emporium or Gary's Surf School for private or family sessions.

3. Grab a coffee

Spend some time at one of the popular eateries such as Knead Bakery or Tiger's Milk at Surfer’s Corner. Grab a book and a coffee or enjoy a leisurely breakfast or lunch with a sea view.

4. Yoga on the Beach

Take an early morning walk or run on the beach and end your cardio session by finding a tranquil corner to practice mindfulness and set yourself up for the coming week. Bring along a journal and note all the little things that you find charming and appreciate. 

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