We all need a touch of art in our homes ...

We all need a touch of art in our homes ...

We all need a touch of art in our homes. 

From contemporary sculptures and illustrative art designs to any creative items you consider art, these may complement and enhance the aesthetic of your home while at the same time conveying a story that people can connect with.

More than just fragrance, the Heritage collections are rooted in a desire to share Africa’s deep and meaningful history with the world. The colourful designs on the glass bottles and their packaging are artistic expressions that make striking decorative pieces.

Why include art in your space?

  • Art personalises a home

Self-expression is how we interact with others and the world. We live to express ourselves - through clothing, accessories, fragrance, social media - the list goes on! Art in the home is a perfect way to express your personal style and put a stamp on your unique signature.

  • Create a stimulating mood

Different colours and patterns may stimulate the senses. From the Heritage African Denim collection's bright blue design to the calming aloe-inspired Maluti Spiral, these items add life to any room.

  • Art keeps the brain active and creative

Appreciating beautiful art pieces is a great way to spark our creative genius. Through shapes, lines, textures and colours, it allows us to see beyond the surface and reach deeper for what speaks to the soul. A living space that previously seemed dull can find new energy with a decor piece that conveys connection and changes the aesthetic of your home.

Explore the Heritage collections.

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