The proud Heritage of Women in Africa

The proud Heritage of Women in Africa

Africa is home to a rich and vibrant culture thats not only unique, it's also quite often overlooked.

We at Heritage-Africa have found a new way of sharing this exciting narrative with the world. With our unique fragrance approach, we will take you on a journey through memories and conscious moments revealing the creative talents that are shaping the future of Africa.

The role of women in international development and African development is deeply intertwined, if not inseparable. Women are key drivers of the economy, often the most important managers of household income, agents for social change that create lasting improvements for their communities.

African women are powerful. As the global community celebrates International Women’s Day, we take this opportunity to reflect on all that African women have achieved and accomplished, in the face of great adversity and obstacles.

Brought together through grit, determination, appreciation and love. We at Heritage-Africa have realised that the stories that our fragrances tell are powerful.

We hope they connect with each one of the passionate and determined woman we have had and will have the pleasure of crossing paths with.

We look forward to sharing our inspired expression with you. Together we hold hands as one.

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