Heritage, a new Africa.

Heritage, a new Africa.

Heritage, a new Africa.

Africa is home to a rich and vibrant culture that's not only unique, it's also quite often overlooked. We at Heritage-Africa have found a new way of sharing this exciting narrative with the world.

With our unique fragrance approach, we will take you on a journey through memories and conscious moments revealing the creative talents that are shaping the future of African Design.

African art, music, design and culture are on the rise and it's time to sit up and take notice. The African aesthetic is unique. A juxtaposition of very soft, ornate and story-telling patterns with hard, industrial graphic shapes and bold, bright colour. In our eyes, this is a perfect metaphor for the contemporary African condition: COMPLEX and CONTRASTING. Brought together through mutual understanding, appreciation and love.

We hope to harness the unique talent and passion so boldly evident in the creative abilities of our African nation.

Africa is a continent with a deeply rich heritage. We, as Africans, have moulded ourselves on the stories of our past and the possibilities of our future. We at Heritage-Africa have realised that the stories that our fragrances tell are a powerful antidote to the current status quo allowing us to see through the clutter of expectation and truly connect with ourselves and feel again.

We look forward to sharing our inspired expression with you. Explore our three signature fragrances online now.

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