As we reflect on the importance of Earth Day, we remind ourselves that the Earth is not just a resource to be exploited but also our heritage - a legacy that we have inherited from those that came before us and will pass on to our children. It is a time to celebrate our wonderful planet and renew our commitment to preserving her beauty for future generations.

Our heritage is a gift that connects us to the land that provides us with food, water and oxygen - the land that houses and sustains us. It serves as a reminder that we have a duty to protect the planet and all its inhabitants. By taking care of the environment, we not only protect our cultural history but also guarantee a sustainable future for generations to come.

This Earth Day, let’s pause to dedicate ourselves to minimizing our environmental impact, safeguarding our natural resources, and supporting efforts towards sustainability in our communities.

Following the Earth Day 2023 theme, let's make every day Earth Day and invest in our planet for a better future for everyone who calls it home.

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