Heritage Winter Sale: 30% Off Site-Wide

Heritage Winter Sale: 30% Off Site-Wide

The Heritage winter sale is here!

We are thrilled to announce that our annual winter sale has begun! Discover premium home fragrances that make great gifts (Father's Day is coming up!) or stock up on your favourite scents and immerse your home in exquisite scents all year round.

Whether you want to leave your guests with a lasting fragrant impression or transform your space into an olfactory haven, let Heritage Africa help you find a scent to suit the occasion.

Browse our captivating collections:

Unity Basket

Blended with fragrance notes of lime, rich oud, and spicy patchouli, the combination of scents in the Unity Basket collection is audacious enough to permeate any interior. Considered more of a unisex scent, this collection is perfect as a gift for Dad. 

The array of notes in this collection blend together to release a bold yet invigorating fragrance. Shop 30% off Father's Day gifts

Maluti Spiral

This collection presents a blend of fresh lavender and a twist of floral rose with jasmine and patchouli, bringing a feeling of comfort and security to your space.​ The perfect product to brighten your day and lift the atmosphere in your home. 

Painted Tradition

Like its colourful packaging, Painted Tradition beams with a blend of sweet, floral, warm, and soft fragrance notes. The base notes of sandalwood and cedar set a soothing atmosphere, while the heart and top notes conjure images of sunshine and wonder.

Use the printed glass containers as decor pieces to cleverly elevate and enhance your living space. 

Get ready to embark on a fragrant journey with Heritage and shop 30% off all fragrances until 01 June 2023.

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