End Off Your Work Week With Energy

End Off Your Work Week With Energy

After a long and taxing week, it's easy to be covered in exhaustion and fatigue. We often tend to drift through the last hours of the workweek holding out for the excitement of the coming weekend.

Instead of crawling towards the weekend, Fridays may be used wisely to set yourself up for the coming week and kick off a stress-free weekend.

 Here are a few habits and suggestions that will help you take charge of your Friday and gear you up for the days ahead:

 1. Be Introspective

Take some time and write down your accomplishments of the past week. Embrace the sense of achievement associated with completing your tasks.

In the same breath, identify areas in which you could have done better. Use this exercise to pinpoint patterns and decisions that dictate your actions as well as what you need to be effective.

 2. Plan ahead

One way to set yourself up for success at the end of each week is to mentally sketch your next week. Are there any projects due? What tasks do you have on deck? This way you will feel on top of your game when stepping into Monday.

For extra preparation, write down your to-do list before you leave the office, and visualize yourself successfully completing these tasks. 

 3. Decide on your weekend plans

Choose which adventure you will embark on to unplug. There are so many activities that will allow you to maximize your time off while powering you up for the new work week. 

Whether you're inclined to chill and catch up on Netflix, plan to step out to meet friends, or spend time sprucing up your home, consider adding in some physical exercise as part of your weekend routine. Staying active helps relax your body and boost energy.

4. Treat the day as a special day

Do something you enjoy. Blast some music while carrying out your tasks. Take a walk and breathe in some fresh air during your break. Compliment people and share your appreciation with those who helped you through the week. 

Before you leave, tidy up your desk and leave yourself a motivating note to welcome you into the new week. 


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