Discover our 3 Collections: The Fragrance & Personality Edition

Discover our 3 Collections: The Fragrance & Personality Edition

Much like scent affects our emotions, it could just as easily match our personalities.

Learn how the notes in our THREE collections may relate to you.

Unity Basket – Sparkling Personality

Blended with fragrance notes of lime, rich oud, and spicy patchouli, the combination of scents in the Unity Basket collection is audacious enough to permeate any interior. Ingredients such as lime, apple, and tangerine are usually associated with words like "fresh" and "energetic".

When combined with woody notes - including oud and cashmere woods, the result is a bold yet invigorating fragrance.

If you are active, lively, and have a sparkling personality, you may find this scent a good match for your interior, due to its energising attributes. Although, calmer personalities may appreciate the balancing effect of a stimulating fragrance such as Unity Basket.


Maluti Spiral - Gentle and Composed

This collection comprises a perfectly balanced blend of ingredients. Base notes of sandalwood, iris, musk, and vanilla lie at the heart of this fragrance, evoking feelings of comfort, security, and love. The herbal and floral notes of lavender and rose elevate the scent and add a natural feel.

The Maluti Spiral profile reflects an image of a person with a rather maternal character, sensitive yet strong. They are best described as "La Force Tranquille", meaning quiet strength.

Painted Tradition - The Feminine Within

Like its colourful packaging, this collection beams with a blend of sweet, floral, warm, and soft fragrance notes. The base notes of sandalwood and cedar set a soothing atmosphere, while the heart and top notes conjure images of sunshine and wonder.

This fragrance profile is often found in the spaces of people who radiate warmth, kindness, and joy.

Let us know which collection or scent speaks to your personality. Take a virtual tour of our online store here

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